Here are some testimonials from past party/event attendees.

“We had a blast! Thanks so much. It was a great party with beautiful people, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun to be had! <3”

“Such an awesome party!! Great bunch of people, very comfortable and sexy. Such a fun way to meet new couples! Xoxo”

“Amazing party! We had a great time and met cool new people throughout the night. Everyone was super sexy, chill, and welcoming, esp the hosts :)”
“The hosts were very friendly and helpful showing us around and introducing us to other party-goers. Absolutely fun and gorgeous people, it is easy to see why they are so popular. “
“Excellent hosts and incredibly sexy people!”
“I was pretty nervous as a unicorn going into my first event, but the hosts really helped me open up”
“We’re pretty new to the lifestyle but they made us feel right at home, and very comfortable. Great hosts, lots of fun, and very sexy.”
“We are relatively new to the lifestyle and they were very nice and helpful in easing us in. Oh, and they are fucking hot.”
“These are the real deal.  Great people! Had a great time!”
“What a night! These people know how to party and party we did, deep into the morning.    Until next time ;)”
“One of the hottest nights of my life.”
“a week later we are still talking about how awesome that party was”
“They are doing lifestyle the right way.  We had a blast!!!”
“They invited us to a party which has was our first, turned out to be an awesome time :-)”
“They have risen to the top of my list as favorite people in the lifestyle.”